My name is Bogale, or Boge, for short. I was born close to the Simien mountains, but I grew up in the small town of Debark, which is located in the national park.

I’ve always enjoyed school. When I was young, I enjoyed being with my friends. But as I grew older, I enjoyed learning. My high school was an hour and a half from my home, but I didn’t think that was far to travel because I was very interested to learn. My favorite subjects are History, Geography, Biology and English. I found Mathematics and Physics very complicated.

After tenth grade, I began attending a vocational school. I chose to study tourism management and graduated from Debark TVT school. After graduation, it was difficult to find a job, so I decided to it would be best if I gave tours myself.

I left home to study the country. I visit many places and learn about history, culture and nature. When I returned home, I had the opportunity to earn a tourism license. The competition was fierce. Fortunately, I prevailed and am now certified.

I now have six years of work experience in tourism.


Phone: +251 91 823 5204